Moving Beyond Implicit Bias Training- Policy Insights for Increasing Organizational Diversity

We discuss how organizations can design more effective diversity strategies beyond implicit bias trainings.

Other Projects

Additional projects with my various collaborators and mentors.

The Pandemic as a Portal: Reimagining Psychological Science as Truly Open and Inclusive

In this paper, we call on psychological scientists—focusing specifically on those who use quantitative methods in the United States as one context for such conversations—to begin reimagining our discipline as fundamentally open and inclusive.

Children Use Targets’ Facial Appearance to Guide and Predict Social Behavior

Across four experiments we show that by 5 years of age, A., children reliably made both character and behavior judgments from face-traits and B., children were more likely to give gifts to targets with trustworthy and submissive-looking faces and show concordance between their character evaluations and gift-giving behaviors.