Business photo created by tirachardz
Business photo created by tirachardz

Other Projects

I have several other projects I am working on.

With Dr. Mahzarin Banaji I am interested in how children come to recognize dominance structure of patriarchy, as well as the implicit representations of the racial slurs, nigger and nigga.

Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate in the Social Perception and Communications Lab

My research interests include race, gender, sexual orientation, and power.


Many organizations are working to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organizations frequently use implicit bias to explain …

In one large-scale experiment using US respondents on MTurk (N = 2,899), we studied how subtle differences in framing and context …

Across four experiments we show that by 5 years of age, A., children reliably made both character and behavior judgments from …

This chapter extends classic social comparison research to explain how people think about group-based hierarchies and how they act …