Stereotypes and Hierarchy

Sexual orientation and race mute the prescriptive nature of gender stereotypes

Examining gender prescriptive stereotypes at the intersection of sexual orientation (Study 1) and race (Study 2), we find evidence of prototypicality biases and muted gender differences between men and women of non-prototypical groups.

Implicit attitudes toward ‘nigger’ and ‘nigga’: Three studies in samples of those who avoid or reappropriate usage

Using semi-auditory implicit association tests (IATs), we find that implicit representations of nigger and nigga in White and Black Project Implicit participants were decidedly negative. However, Black and Latinx youth who use these words in socially sanctioned environments showed less implicit negativity.

The Role of Stereotypes in Hierarchy Maintenance

Understanding the role of stereotypes in hierarchy maintenance

Gay = STIs? Associations between gay and lesbian sexual health stereotypes and prejudice in healthcare

Across five studies, we document the persistent stereotypes that gay men are promiscuous and have riskier sex. We also find that people have similar stereotypes of lesbian women, albeit to a lesser degree, and these stereotypes have implications for prejudice and discrimination.